Family Discovery

découverte de la normandie en famille

Here you will find some ideas for family visits and discovery, outside the landing museums and the battle of Normandy.

The City Of The Sea

Distance from Residence: 71 Km 
Driving Time: 51 Minutes 
Activity: Museum of the sea

Welcome to La Cité de la Mer, a museum of the sea in Normandy dedicated to the discovery of the oceans from an unprecedented angle! 

Our aquarium, located in the Channel, is the deepest in Europe! During your full day of sightseeing in Cherbourg, the Sea Museum also offers a visit to the submarine Le Redoutable and the permanent exhibition "Titanic, return to Cherbourg".


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The Medieval Castle Of Crevecoeur

Distance from Residence: 95 Km 
Driving time: 1 h 09 Minutes 
Activity: Medieval festivities and animations

An unforgettable journey back in time! A "living" story! 

For eight days, sixty enthusiasts revived the seigniory of Crèvecœur as it was in the 15th century. 

While the peasants work in the fields and the lord manages his estate surrounded by knights, musicians and his chaplain, everyday life is shaken by unexpected events ... Become the privileged witness of unique scenes and be at the same time spectator, witness And actor. 

Investigate to defeat the plots and unmask the culprits! Solve a new enigma every day. 


Paléospace The Odyssey

Distance from Residence: 105 Km 
Driving time: 1 h 13 Minutes 
Activity: Interactive Museum on Marine Dinosaurs

Located near the cliffs of the Vaches Noires, on the edge of the Blonville-Villers littoral marsh and a few seconds from the Greenwich meridian, the Paléospace offers a discovery of the natural and scientific heritage of Villers-sur-Mer and a trip through the time…