Business Visits

visites d'entreprises normandes

Discover our world-renowned gastronomic heritage by visiting our local businesses

The Caramels Of Isigny

les caramels d'isigny sur mer en normandie : calvados

The company Caramels d'isigny is the only company to hold the brand of the same name "Caramels d'Isigny". It uses local ingredients: whole milk, butter and cream are mainly from the Isigny-Sainte-Mère cooperative.

Manufacture remains traditional: the different ingredients are introduced into the copper cooker, brewed and cooked. The noble materials such as butter or PDO cream (Protected Designation of Origin) are incorporated only at the end of cooking in order to preserve all their gustatory quality.

Distance from the Residence: 10 Km 
Driving Time: 11 Minutes 
Activity: Caramel and Cheese Factory of world renown


The Biscuits Of Saint Mother The Church

Distance from Residence: 33 Km 
Driving Time: 24 Minutes 
Activity: Biscuit and Chocolate

Discover our know-how and all our ranges of biscuits and craft cakes. From the famous Biscuit of Sainte-Mère-Eglise (our homemade sandwich) to cookies, to meringues and crispies, there's something for every taste and every gourmet! 

Manufactured with the utmost respect for the pastry tradition, the biscuits are not less resolutely modern with recipes adapted to the wishes of the consumers, a varied palette of tastes and the creation


The Camembert of Camembert

Distance from Residence: 98 Km 
Driving Time: 1 H 12 Minutes 
Activity: Visit of a traditional AOC Camembert cheese dairy 

Installed at the Ferme de la Héronnière in Camembert, François and Nadia Durand are among the last producers of Camembert de Normandie Fermier. The Durand camembert is made from the raw milk of their 100 cows. They have been joined by the camembert of the farm of the Champsecret in 2012 in the very closed circle of farmers farmers of Camembert of Normandy that are only two to produce ...

Durand camemberts are subtle when they are plastery and give off powerful aromas when they are well made. This wide range of flavors is typical of this Camembert at all stages of its ripening. Amateurs of insipid soft cheeses made from pasteurized milk or thermised milk abstain.